Localization and Mapping using Instance-specific Mesh Models

A recent paper by members of the DCIST alliance proposes an approach for building semantic maps, containing object poses and shapes, in real time, onboard an autonomous robot equippend with a monocular camera. Rich understanding of the geometry and context of a robot’s surroundigs is important for specification and safe, efficient execution of complex missions. This […]

Aerial Robot Prototype

CLEAR: A Consistent Lifting, Embedding, and Alignment Rectification Algorithm for Multi-Agent Data Association

Composable Autonomy in Heterogeneous Groups

In multi-robot Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), a group of robots explore and map an unknown area. The group can benefit from its size by combining the robots’ maps to improve coverage and by each robot using shared information to improve its own localization. Most approaches to multi-robot SLAM consider homogeneous groups, in which all […]